Lori Hersh


Lori received her Bachelor’s degree in social work from American University and her Master’s degree in social work from the University of Tennessee. Lori was a hospital social worker and administrator of a nursing home prior to receiving her second Master’s degree in speech-language pathology from Kean University.

Lori’s clinical experience includes evaluating and treating elementary, middle and high school aged children in the S. Orange/Maplewood school system where she is an integral part of the Child Study Team. Lori is responsible for evaluating and reporting on program effectiveness for the maintenance of quality speech-language services in her school district.

Lori developed the Suburban Speech Center Executive Functions Protocol for children who struggle at home and in school. Lori helps them set goals, manage tasks, create and execute plans, and carryout assignments via working memory and time management strategies.

Lori coordinates the Suburban Speech Center Comprehensive Evaluation Protocol. She specializes in assessing and treating K-12 children for speech-language disorders. Lori is instrumental in integrating the child’s therapy plan with other professionals to ensure comprehensive care.

Lori joined Suburban Speech Center in 2013.


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