Jennifer Kole


Jenn received her bachelor’s degree in English from Seton Hall University and her Master’s degree in speech-language pathology from Kean University.

Jenn’s comprehensive experience includes evaluating and treating children with a wide range of communication disorders. She began her career at JFK University Medical Center assessing and treating patients in the brain trauma, acute care, inpatient & outpatient rehabilitation & early intervention settings. She currently works in the Bridgewater school system implementing speech-language therapy in the academic setting and through community-based instruction. As an integral member of the Child Study Team, Jenn provides case management services, conducts evaluations and develops IEP goals and objectives.

Jenn’s comprehensive experience includes assessing and treating children with autism spectrum disorder, articulation disorders, receptive-expressive language disorders & childhood apraxia of speech. She is proficient in programming and training children with Proloquo 2Go, AAC ipad application.

Jenn also specializes in evaluating and treating speech fluency disorders. She incorporates the research and principles of Dr. Scott Yaruss’ in her work with school-age children and young adults to improve speech fluency, reduce negative reactions to stuttering, foster healthy communication attitudes and create supportive home and school environments.

Jenn joined Suburban Speech Center in 2022.


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