“I want to thank the staff at Suburban Speech Center for all your hard work. Your team approach is incredible.” – Michele S.


“What a team! We want to thank you for all of the time you spent meeting and discussing Sam and coming up with creative ideas.”

“He is now doing great in a regular classroom. You and the rest of the team at Suburban Speech Center were a big part of his transition. I know you spent time as a team reviewing Sam’s progress. We will miss you and always remember how important you were to us during a difficult time.” – Jennifer & Scott S.

“Thank you for all your years of help with Annie.”

“You were always kind, patient and your instruction helped Annie transform from a girl who could not even make a sound to a girl who can now speak sentences. We are so grateful and you will always be a part of our extended family.” – John F.

“I want to thank the staff at Suburban Speech Center for all your hard work.”

“Your team approach is incredible. He loves you so much and is going to really miss you. We will too! Matthew has come such a long way and you are a big part of that. The love, fun, expertise and patience you have all given him are so special. We feel blessed that you came into our lives. We will never forget you for all you’ve done for our precious Matthew. We are eternally grateful.” – Michele S.

“Getting Ryan into speech therapy at Suburban Speech Center during his preschool years was the best thing we could have done”

“When Ryan enters preschool this fall, he will be able to express himself and his needs to his teachers and playmates. We are over the moon with Ryan’s progress in speech therapy. Only with the one-on-one structured speech therapy sessions did his language development take off. We happily anticipate Ryan’s continuing strides through speech therapy and beyond.” – Lisa & Jeff R.

“Words are not enough to express our thanks to all of you at Suburban Speech Center.”

“Thank you for all that you put into Julia’s notebook (which I have shared with her specialists and school). It was always a pleasure to meet with the speech-language pathologists and I can’t thank you enough for your feedback and professionalism. I would absolutely recommend Suburban Speech to anyone I know seeking speech therapy.” – Lori N.

“My mother calls Thomas her ‘Angel with the broken wing’.”

“I believe you are one of a team of angels sent to help mend his broken wing. Thank you for your kindness and your dedication toward my family, especially Thomas.” – Kelly D.

“I cannot possibly thank you enough for all of the incredible work you have done with Dylan.”

“You were the ones who made the difference and headed him in the right direction. Your warmth and kindness radiates, and I am sure this does not go unnoticed by Dylan. He stares at your picture at home and has such a big smile when we pull into the parking lot. You’re just amazing!!” – Melissa P.

“To the Wonderful Staff at Suburban Speech Center – Congratulations on being chosen for the 3rd year in a row “Favorite Kids’ Docs”.

“My children have worked over the years with three of your fabulous speech therapists and they are all terrific!” – Michael C.

“I am so impressed with your staff and their therapy sessions.”

“Everyone is awesome! I feel so honored that you even want my opinion! I would send anyone on the east coast to Suburban Speech! Be prepared for the onslaught!” – Nancy Kaufman, M.A., CCC-SLP / Kaufman Children’s Center / Apraxia Specialist

“Congratulations to the Suburban Speech Center in receiving the President’s Award for Excellence from NJSHA because of your unbelievable history as an exemplary and innovative private practice in Speech Pathology.”

“The Suburban Speech Center is an outstanding example of a private practice devoted to encouraging the use of innovative services as well as in treating children with communication disorders.” – Carolann Garafola / Past President / New Jersey Speech-Hearing Association

Suburban Speech Center is Celebrating 45 years!