“Getting Ryan into speech therapy at Suburban Speech Center during his preschool years was the best thing we could have done.” – Lisa & Jeff

Why Families Choose Suburban Speech Center

Founded in 1978, Suburban Speech Center is a leading provider of children’s speech and language services.

Our Center’s speech-language program was selected by the New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association to receive its “Program of the Year” Award as well as the President’s Award for Excellence.

We have been featured on CBS “This Morning”, as well as the National Geographic Network (The Science Times) and commended numerous times in the Star Ledger. Suburban Speech Center also received the Leadership Award and the first Annual Pat Wilson Award from the Scientific Learning Corporation. In addition, we have been selected by the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association to provide continuing education training to other speech-language pathologists.

1. Dedicated and experienced speech therapists

Dr. Polow has personally selected the most qualified speech-language pathologists to create a dynamic team. Every therapist offers her varied academic and clinical expertise spanning the continuum of childhood speech-language science. Realizing that “one therapy approach doesn’t fit all”, Suburban Speech Center tailors our therapies to help each individual child overcome his or her communication challenges. Each child is matched with a therapist who specializes in that child’s age and diagnosis. We pride ourselves in our commitment to the whole child by including parents, caregivers and other specialists in our treatment plan.

2. Evidence-based therapy

Our team of speech-language pathologists is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art treatment. We provide multi-faceted and evidence-based techniques by skillfully blending the science of speech-language pathology with the art of communication to ensure the most favorable outcomes. Our staff collaborates and continuously ‘brainstorms’ regarding each individual child.

3. Home carryover

An essential component of our therapy process is a strong home program to carryover treatment techniques for increased success. Parent/caregiver involvement is an important part of the therapeutic process. Each child is provided with a home exercise book that is stimulating and interactive. Parents and caregivers are integral parts of the home carryover program.

4. Measurable progress

At Suburban Speech Center we provide comprehensive evaluations and plans of care. Assessment and frequent reassessment ensures that each child is making measurable progress toward treatment goals. Status toward goals is shared with parents via family team conferences, as often as needed.

5. Keeping current

Our speech-language pathologists are state licensed and nationally certified. We are trained in the most innovative and research-based therapies. Our therapists continually attend professional conferences. Suburban Speech Center was selected by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association as a training site to provide conferences to healthcare professionals.

6. Integration of services

We make ourselves available to consult with each child’s teachers, caregivers, physicians, and other professionals, as requested by parents. At Suburban Speech Center, we encourage observation of our therapy sessions by other members of the child’s treatment team. We are available to attend doctor consultations. Written documentation is provided upon request.

Our reputation “speaks” for itself!

Suburban Speech Center is Celebrating 45 years!