CD and DVD developed at our center for parents and grandparents

January, 2010

A lyrical approach to boosting speech and language skills

Developed by speech-language pathologist Dr. Nancy Polow, Babies & Boomers provides grandparents and grandchildren with interactive opportunities to practice important skills while singing, dancing and having fun! Although no props are required, it is always fun to add bubbles, microphones, musical instruments and costumes. You can also take photos or videos to create your own book, photo album or DVD. So put your own “spin” on it and enjoy!

Stimulate your baby’s speech and language development.

The first three years have been proven to be critical years for your child’s speech and language development. These skills remain at the forefront of later reading and general learning abilities. Designed to assist babies and toddlers, Talking Time™ will help stimulate your baby’s speech and language development in everyday settings using fun and engaging activities.