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Practice Playce

Pragmatic Language – Social Skills Group

Pragmatic language refers to a child’s communicative intent; the way a child uses language to communicate, rather than the way language is structured. While pragmatic language and social skills development comes naturally to most children, others may need help developing or improving these skills.

From the moment a baby is born, he will start to respond and adapt to the people around him.

Practice Playce Pragmatic Language – Social Skills Group

About the time he turns two, he will begin to enjoy playing with other children. But, he will need to learn to socialize by trail and error. At first, he will be unable to share his toys. Later, he will learn to empathize with his playmates. By three years old, he will be on his way to making friends.

Practice Playce is unique because sessions are jointly led by a licensed speech-language pathologist as well as a licensed behavioral therapist.

This pairing ensures the most coordinated treatment environment for social language development. Empirically-based strategies are used to target each child’s needs and enhance the acquisition, maintenance, and generalization of social skills. In addition to direct therapy, Practice Playce provides parent training and home instructional materials.

Practice Playce offers dyads for 2-7 year olds. Children are placed in small groups (up to five children) according to age and developmental level.

Practice Playce will help your child to improve:

  • eye contact
  • attending skills
  • turn taking
  • waiting behavior
  • expressing needs
  • asking questions
  • answering questions
  • sharing/cooperative play
  • assertiveness when necessary
  • resolving conflicts
  • self-confidence

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